Monday, August 28, 2017

Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights - Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

If you are all like me, the moment I hear the words "Arabian Nights", Robin Williams is suddenly singing in my head and I am once again caught up in the magic of Aladdin. It's not uncommon for me to randomly break out in song lyrics when situations or words come up, so I was not surprised by the Aladdin moment but tried to quickly move on, because, well, there is nothing Disneylike about this gorgeous new bedroom set from Bee Designs! In the end I found myself on a musical journey with Morfou and ended up indulging in the tunes for a bit, which I decided needed to be shared.

Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights - Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

The current round of Enchantment opened on the 12th and will shut it's doors and sweep up the sidewalks on the 31st, which means you don't have much time left to head over to the event and check out the 1001 Arabian Nights themed event! Bee Designs has created the one of a kind Arabian Nights gacha set for the event, with 11 pieces in all, with 2 being Rare. Each piece is wonderfully designed with gorgeous textures that you just have to see to believe, and you will be amazed at the incredible attention to detail as well, making each piece a unique design on it's own, that is enhanced by the other pieces. The calming purple and gold and luxurious fabrics are perfect for any boudoir, whether for role-play or just because you want to indulge yourself in true luxury, so head over to the event before it closes and get your hands on this absolutely stunning new collection from Bee Designs!

The Decor Details

Bedroom Set - Bee Designs - Arabian Nights Set @ Enchantment
11 pieces, 2 Rare

Curtains - {anc} - Lace Curtain - White/Gold

Build - Scarlet Creative - Moon Rise Cottage

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