Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alchemist @ Vogue Fall Fest

Hey, did you know there are some wonderful offerings from Alchemist at Vogue's Fall Fest?!  Well if you haven't been by, or happened to think it was just a wonderful display, then you need to make sure you check out this Fireplace Hearth Collection!  The Fireplace actually has a stove pipe that fits outside as well.  Which is a great detail and makes it perfect for ANY winter cabin.  The Collection comes in 3 different metal choices for you to choose from, including the gate and utensils.  I happened to pick up the tree and pillows collection at a recent Fifty Linden Friday and just thought they went together perfectly!  As well as the wonderful Mini Winter pieces from Half-Deer.

Hurry on over before Fall Fest closes down and transitions for the next festival!  And when you are there, make sure to check out the gacha Alchemist has at the event as well.  It is an adorable Cosmetics Table gacha featuring 4 sets + 1 Rare in 3 different colors.  Pictured here is the Black Rare Set.  I love the detailing of this, pretty much looks like my makeup counter at home! 

Alchemist @ Vogue Fall Fest
Fireplace Hearth 
3 metal choices
Cosmetics Gacha
4 sets + 1 Rare
Tree and Pillows - Kalopsia - Christmas Pillows and Tree Collection
Mini Forest Cabin Scene - Half-Deer
Mini Telephone Pole Scene - Half-Deer

Happy shopping and have a wonderfully wicked Thanksgiving!

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