Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Rays of Dusk

As the light crosses the horizon, prisms cascade across the landscape while the soft breeze on the air warns of the chill to come once the sun is gone.  But to bask in those last few rays of light of the day, to absorb the warmth and to take a moment to just breathe, is to truly bask in Mother Nature's glory.  In the midst of the chaos daily life can throw at us, it is very important to always remember to STOP and BREATHE, and tonight I took you all with me.  I recently ran across a destination blog that sent me on an adventure and as the sun set, the perfect place came into view to snap a few pics of this fantastic outfit from Deceitful Innocence, new at Vogue Fall Fest!

I love the line and fit of this, as it seems to cover more than most, making it a very classy dress.  The heels, with their little skulls give an added edge to this fit that I think is quite brilliant and which helped inspire me to find a location that fit the "Grunge Couture" look I was going for.  Hope you all enjoy!  Make sure to wander by Vogue Fall Fest as there are over 60 participating creators with exclusive and new releases for the event, as well as each vendor has provided a gift for no more than $10L! 

Dress - Deceitful Innocence - Fall Fashionista @ Vogue Fall Fest
Heels - Deceitful Innocence - Fall Fashionista Heels @ Vogue Fall Fest
Jewelry - Lazuri - Fall Romance Collection 

Shape - Mine
Skin - Poudre -Medea Eyestain Gold
Eyeliner - Gaeline - V1
Lashes - Gaeline - Felicia
Eyes - Adored - Siren in Moonlight
Hair - Analog Dog - 42
Hands and Feet - Slink

Have a wonderfully wicked night and happy shopping!


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